About Shayanne

I have always been drawn to alternative ways of healing; whether physical, emotional or mental. But it wasn’t until a series of chance encounters after the birth of my son, that healing became imperative to my self-growth. It all starts with awareness. For me, after I became a mother, all these raw feelings pushed to the surface thanks to sleepless nights and emotions running high, as is the case with most mothers of newborns. It was at that time that I became aware of internal thoughts and emotions I had about myself and also the world that I had repressed. This awareness, coupled with a chance encounter with a holistic therapist at a small grocery store was the catalyst for real change and healing in my life.

N. Hosni - Dubai

“I just want to take the time and let you know how helpful our meditation sessions have been for me. Through your guidance, I have been able to overcome many fears that I have developed within myself over the years. I've learned how to forgive and compartmentalize memories and experiences both positive and negative, I am able to think and express my thoughts clearly with confidence amongst many other things. The list goes on. I'm beyond happy that I am working with you and look forward to seeing even further change and growth. You have helped me more than you know. Forever grateful”



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