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Holistic Healing

We have all gone through events or know individuals that have left a mark on us, either consciously or unconsciously that have prevented us from growing and living to our highest potential and truth. Using a combination of energy reading, reiki and hypnotherapy, the aim is to peel the layers of your journey until a lotus blossoms.

The energy you will receive:

A program of sessions is created based on your individual background, history and the blocks within you that helps access the limiting behaviors and beliefs you hold and work on changing them in order to live your best, most fulfilling life. That is a life where you manifest your desires with ease, where you have awareness of yourself and what you can offer the world while still bringing yourself inner peace.  

Energy Reading

Energy readings are different for everyone, with most providing in-depth information about a person’s soul journey and life path. Through energy cards, we read your energy levels and discuss your past experiences, how they relate to your current energy and what you need to do to be where you need to be. We focus on releasing blocked mental, emotional or physical energy from past or present situations. Through this we help activate your highest potential and life purpose, accessing your own inner-knowing. A reading is meant to empower you and make you have better awareness about your own abilities and journey.

Meditation Facilitator

Meditation has been practiced by many cultures throughout history to experience a higher state of awareness, wisdom, guidance, healing, peace and enlightenment. Practicing meditation is bringing awareness to your inner and outer world in such a way that allows you to live your highest and best life. Guided meditations are simply a path to access different parts of ourselves. The themes of the meditations range from balancing chakras, clearing blocks, restoring relationships with yourself and others, manifesting what you hope to see in your life, and more. These creative visualizations or journeys allow you to understand yourself, your life and the universe in such a way that brings balance and harmony in your day to day interactions and experiences.

Postpartum Doula

For centuries women have relied on the help of their circle of family and/or friends to help support and nourish them in the postpartum phase. However, in today’s fast-paced environment, more pressure has led women to feel less supported, less held, and more alone than ever before. The role of a postpartum doula is to help prepare the mother for the postpartum period, support her in her ‘fourth trimester’ and ensure she feels nourished on an emotional, physical, and mental level, subsequently leading to a recovery period where she feels enfolded and embraced.

The energy you will receive:

- A postpartum plan based on physical and emotional needs prior to delivery
- How to communicate your needs to family and friends and create an environment where the mother and baby thrive.

- Integration of your birth story and completing birth energy meditation.
- Guidance in adjusting to life with a new baby.
- Nourishing & Recovery Recipe Packet based on Zuo Yuezi, the Chinese postpartum recovery    principles.
- A guide to different modalities of healing available in the community, if required.
- Lactation and breastfeeding counseling.
- Phone support outside of our meetings.


for Children

Mindfulness for Children is a tool to help ease their anxiety, foster positive peer relationships and enhance anger management. Through mindfulness and meditations, we are able to renew a child’s spirit by guiding them to see, hear and feel their inner and outer worlds and give them the awareness needed to self-regulate in their daily life and feel more balanced and aligned with all their experiences and interactions.

The energy you will receive:

A program of sessions is created based on your child’s personality and needs. The program consists of initially explaining what meditating and mindfulness means, checking in with their daily thoughts and feelings, an activity based on the theme of the session, creative visualization and practices, and integrating thoughts and feelings at each session to allow any blocks and fears to be cleared in order for peace within themselves and their relationship with their outer world to be restored.

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